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University Assessment Council

The charge of the University Assessment Council (UAC) is to support the process of research-based, ongoing, integrated, institution-wide systematic planning, evaluation and continuous improvement across campus. Its primary function is in an advisory/supportive capacity to academic programs, service/support departments, and all other institutional units with respect to the assessment process. Therefore, the UAC:

  • provides assistance and consultation in formulating and implementing assessment plans;
  • annually reviews assessment documents submitted and provides feedback for improvement purposes; and
  • provides an annual report to the President, Provost, and University Council describing strengths and weaknesses of the University's overall effort in assessment.

2019-2020 University Assessment Council

Chair: Alise Hagan (Institutional Assessment)

Ex-Officio Members: Dr. Blanca Bauer (Academic Affairs), Dr. Robert McKinney (Academic Affairs)


  • Maylen Aldana (Student Affairs/Housing)
  • Dr. Dewayne Bowie (Enrollment Management)
  • Dr. Lisa Broussard (College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions)
  • Lisa Capone (Advancement)
  • Dr. Terry Chambers (College of Engineering)
  • Dr. Bobbie Decuir (University College)
  • Lori Frederick (Interim Registrar)
  • Dr. Beth Giroir (Student Success)
  • Dr. Jordan Kellman (College of Liberal Arts)
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar (College of Sciences)
  • Lynn Leblanc (Administration and Finance)
  • Dr. Taniecea Mallery (Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement)
  • Michael McClure (College of the Arts)
  • Dr. Paula Montgomery (College of Education)
  • Susan Richard (Dupre Library)
  • Lauren Shiver (Advancement)
  • Dr. Colleen Wolverton (College of Business Administration)