Institutional Assessment

The Office of Institutional Assessment is dedicated to supporting and guiding academic departments by providing meaningful data.

We're responsible for helping to design, implement, and analyze assessment plans; to administer the Student Evaluations of Instruction; and to administer and analyze internal and external surveys and data.

Office of Institutional Assessment

The Office of Institutional Assessment is committed to improving learning through evidence-based assessment while providing support and guidance to divisions and departments in the development of accreditation reports and annual assessment reports.

Additionally, the Office of Institutional Assessment collects, analyzes, and distributes meaningful data from various reporting entities to academic and non-academic University units.

Assessment is an ongoing process for the University. Annually, divisions and departments update objectives, measures, targets and findings, and create action plans to track students' success. UL Lafayette uses the assessment platform Live Text to manage accreditation, assessment, planning, and quality improvement processes aimed at maintaining and enhancing institutional effectiveness.

The Office of Institutional Assessment is working to provide divisions and departments with meaningful feedback on their assessment plans. If you have recommendations on this process, please contact us.