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The University's assessment platform is LiveText's Assessment Insight System (AIS). AIS is a web-based system which allows programs and departments to identify goals, assess progress, and evaluate and strengthen the quality of their goals.

The Office of Institutional Assessment provides support to the University’s LiveText users. Additionally, the Assessment Liaison within each college and administrative division can and should assist with departmental priorities.

What’s my role?

Everyone can contribute to the assessment efforts of their department in order to advance the department’s mission (see Guiding Principles for Assessment). Within your department, you may be called on to provide supporting documentation, facilitate specific assessment measurements, or discuss results and implementation plans. Typically, one individual is tasked with coordinating all these efforts within the department. 

  • Assessment coordinator (Author): Responsible for compiling all assessment plan elements in Live Text and ensuring all tabs are submitted within deadline
  • Department Head / Dean / Assessment Liaison (Program/Unit Coordinator): Responsible for reviewing assessment plan elements in Live Text and providing feedback to ensure the plans reflect the priorities of the program, department, and/or college / administrative division; can generate reports within Live Text

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